We all live with a unique story -- but not all of us know how to tell it. Chikara PR maintains trusted relationships with key media and is able to maximize media exposure for client partners through thoughtful, creative and timely PR strategies that resonate with target audiences.



Storytelling is the passion behind Chikara PR. Through creative thought, compelling content and strategic execution, we provide our client partners with the necessary foundation from which to position themselves and build brand awareness and loyalty across platforms. 



With two decades of experience and over 500 special events under our belt, we are experts in helping client partners develop their vision, coordinate event logistics and execute details so that their special event connects them with their audiences in a meaningful way.

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力: Chikara (pron. chee-kah-rah) is the Japanese word meaning power, capability, or influence. Chikara PR, LLC was founded on the principles of empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in an environment rich with support, knowledge and efficacy.